RDX Cartridge – Efficient, Reliable Data Storage

stutch-data-image-1Data storage is crucial for any business enterprise to carry out its daily actions. There are various ways you are able to back up your information according to the unique conditions of your company.

You may have a company that has divisions that are in very remote regions where information technology might be restricted. It’s also possible to need a process that enables one to save huge amounts of information. All your data storage needs will be efficiently addressed by the utilization of the RDX cartridge.

About RDX

RDX (Removable Disk Technology) is a system for back-up and retrieval of information that runs on the disc. That is a backup system that’s portable and allows easy transfer of large volumes of information to some site that is safe. It constitutes high security of info and it’s a robust design that allows it to be appropriate to be used in harsh conditions.

RDX contains a 25 inch SATA disc which is the cellular or SSD drive that’s been attached to the RDX cartridge which is removable. The RDX is stopped up to your dock which includes electricity and info connectivity. The drive is located inside the media cartridge which means that future generations of the RDX cartridge will be capable of use exactly the same dock.


The RDX backup system was made so as to replace the cassette technology back-up system. It is often embraced by quite a few organizations including Hewlett Packard (HP) and International Business Machines (IBM). The 3 TB RDX cartridge has a capacity of a capacity of 6 TB when the information is compressed and 3 TB when the info is just not compressed.

The 2 TB RDX cartridge has a capacity of 2 TB for info that’s not compressed and 4 TB for compressed information. The 15 TB cartridge has a capacity of 15 TB for information that’s not compressed and 3 TB for compressed data, while the 1 TB cartridge has a capacity of 1 TB for uncompressed and 2 TB for compressed information. The RDX cartridge also offers capacities of 320 GB and 500 GB.


stutch-data-image-2The RDX cartridge continues to be created in ways that’s not unsuitable for much motion. No damage will be suffered by it even when it experiences a fall of one meter. The RDX cartridge has a shelf life of thirty years and its high capacity allows the cartridge to be used by you . The cartridge allows you to save huge amounts of info in an extremely brief time.

You can even recover the information at rather high rates of up to 360 GB/hr. The RDX cartridge can be plugged in by you everywhere and this ensures that the information is always accessible if you want it. The cartridge is immune to shock, and its buffers which are in constructed the disk drive is protected by that from vibration that is random. This aids in improving the functionality of the read and write actions of the cartridge.

If you have to raise the capacity of the RDX system, when you’re backing up info whatever you should do will be to add more cartridges. This implies that you’ve got boundless space without needing to raise the storage hardware.